Welcome to Love Unity Equality

Welcome to Love Unity Equality

Welcome to Love Unity EqualityWelcome to Love Unity EqualityWelcome to Love Unity Equality

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Our Mission

Peacefully create a new American culture of people who want to make a commitment to love in a world that has far too much hate.  Who choose to come together in unity in a country that appears to be becoming more divided. Paying less attention to skin color and more about the fact that we are all Americans who still believe we are the greatest country in the world.  A melting pot of many ethnic groups, made up of one race the human race.  Who believe we all deserve to be treated equally.  Lead the way in getting people to take and make positive actions towards resolving systemic racism that has always negatively impacted African Americans and  people of color.  Improving the black white dichotomy that has always plagued our country.


5 areas of Focus

One Race the Human Race

Educating people about ways to stop Racism and create equality while addressing the black white dichotomy.  One Race pg for more and how you personally can fight racism.  

Raise Son's Not Gun's

Addressing the high rates of fatherless children.  Particularly the disproportionately high number of Young African Americans and people of color who loose their life by gun violence.   Go to our Raise Son's Not Gun's Page for more.

Equality Not Police Brutality

Improving Police and African American Relations Go to our police page for more 

Make the Hood Look Good

Improving Our Worst neighborhoods which are usually African American.  Go to our Hood Pg for more.

Justice For All

Working to assure we all have justice and equality is what were all about. Go to our Justice For All page for more.


1.  Review the site and if your passionate about one or all of our 5 areas of focus Consider being an Ambassador for change in your city.  Young people are encouraged to get involved as you will shape out future.

2. Help us to bring people together in addressing systemic racism.  Leading to improved community relations. by encouraging local gov't, businesses, churches, community leaders and passionate people to work together.   To get involved please contact us immediately below or at loveunityequality@gmail.com 

3.  Please do the following share this site with your friends and the 5 most influential people you know.  If you are close to a community or church leader share with them as well.  Remember that you can be far more influential than you imagine.  For more info contact us.


There's much to see here. So, take your time, look around, and learn all there is to know about us. We hope you enjoy our site and take a moment to drop us a line.

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