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Our Mission

Create a new American culture one race the human race that strives to bring people together in love and unity to create true equality for all.  Recruit small Groups nationwide improving black & white relations, criminal justice reform, neglected African American Communities addressing the alarming rate of absent fathers, violent deaths of young men, mass incarceration & more related matters.

In a Nutshell

African Americans have been the primary victims of racism, police brutality, their neighborhoods were designed to be ghettos and because of neglect and oppression have gone essentially unchanged for generations. Some would argue things are worse now than ever.  This has contributed to myriad of problems in the African American community that Love Unity Equality hopes to help resolve.

Creating Equality

Make a decision to choose love over hate and unity over division.  Only when people come together in love and unity(the police and both African Americans and those of European descent) can these problems be resolved or drastically improved. Someone who loves understands you treat people the way you would like to be treated.  Become a part of this new American culture.

Join the Movement

1. Take 20 or 30 mins to review the whole site and gain the true vision. 

2. Go to the Get Paid Page and find out how you can actually get paid to be a lover and promote Love Unity Equality

3.  Go to the Action Groups page to start or join a group and create a new American Culture creating equality for all.


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