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Peacefully create a new American culture of people who want to make a commitment to love in a world that has far too much hate.  Who choose to come together in unity in a country that appears to be becoming more divided. Paying less attention to skin color and more about the fact that we are all Americans who are really made up of one race the human race who believe we all deserve to be treated equally like the US Constitution intended.  Leading the way in getting people to take and make positive actions towards resolving these matters of injustice that negatively impacts people of color and improving the black white problem that has plagued our country since its inception.

5 areas of Focus

Equality Not Police Brutality

The Alarming Videos that proved to the world what African Americans and people of color have always known.  That being racially profiled was the norm and police brutality is a reality.  With police departments now making strides to avoid this image we hope to work with them  in a peaceful and loving manner and improve police and African American relations.  Not pointing fingers or holding grudges for past wrongdoings but working to stop these things from happening in the future, improving policies, practices and departments as a whole while holding them accountable for any crimes they commit.

One Race the Human Race

We teach preach and live that we are All Americans, All One, All Equal who are entitled to Justice for All just as it is written. We are passionate about what three great men were passionate about. Bob Marley "the color of our skin should be no more relevant than the color of our eyes." Muhammad Ali "Hating people because of their color is wrong. And it doesn't matter which color does the hating. It's just plain wrong."  MLK Jr.  "Don't judge people by the color of their skin but the content of their character."  Hosting events and activities in the community to create Unity not division.  Working to resolve the black white issue that has always plagued this country.

Make the Hood Look Good

It is sad enough to think that redlining was designed so that African Americans would live in substandard communities or ghettos.  Even sadder is that even more of these communities exist now and little has been done to change matters as these communities as a whole are neglected and accepted as an eyesore that is avoided by anyone who doesn't live there.  There are cities taking strides to improve matters and we hope to assist in making more and more communities places where people of all ethnicities and skin colors would feel comfortable living.  Whether it is major real estate developments or beautification of the community and everything in between we work to Make the Hood Look Good in every way by rebuilding communities most in need.

Raise Your Son Not Your Gun

Recently I saw online a Afr. Amer. wearing a t-shirt that said If Black Lives Matter Stop Killing Each Other. Not only is this a huge problem but so is mass incarceration particularly the disproportionately high number of African Americans and other people of color.  This problem has existed since slavery when fathers were taken away from their children and the cycle still hasn't been broken.  Not having a father contributes to both of these and a multitude of other things. A societal problem that impacts all ethnic backgrounds.  We work toward reconciling children with their fathers and breaking the cycle of fatherlessness. Teaching our younger generation the importance of being a father and making better decisions leading to brighter futures.  Interested single parent families and mentors go to our programs and careers page for more.

Justice For All

We simply should not tolerate anyone being mistreated or discriminated against because of the color of their skin.  Just because someone is of a different ethnic background or skin color does not mean we should stand by and allow it to happen. We need everyone coming together in unity to make change. No action no satisfaction.  Clearly there is a need for judicial reform, lawsuits etc. etc.Whatever it takes as long as it is legal and peaceful. As MLK said hate cannot drive out hate only love can do that and when people who love come together in unity  there is power and that can create equality. 


When people who love come together in unity anything is possible.    There is power in unity and strength in numbers what 100 people can accomplish is far greater than 1 and what 1000 can accomplish is far greater than 100 and so on and so on and that number continues to grow if you tell 10 people and they tell 10 people and so on.  

If you truly want to do something about what you read this is your chance  to step up.  

Imagine the impact if 1 million people or more get behind this. With over 100 million people of color in this country along with millions of other people in this country who love and not hate.  Who want to see our country unified and not divided and want injustices to stop and create equality this can be a reality but only if your willing to act.   No Action No Satisfaction.  

Your first step is very simply to become a member.  You are considered a member if you follow our founder Edlove on Facebook and or on Twitter or Instagram at edlove_equality or very simply send an email to loveunityequality@gmail.com

Although it is no cost to become a member we hope you will make a donation or purchase a t-shirt below to which you can do by scrolling down this page. Click view all products to see t-shirts. We encourage you to use Cash App to assist us in avoiding credit card fees, just use the email above.

More importantly we hope you will get involved by starting or joining a group in one of our 5 areas of focus above.  Consider transitioning into a new  Career with us.  Or very simply recruiting new members.  Click the take action button to find out more.  It doesn't  take much to get involved and you can be financially rewarded for your efforts.  Thanks for becoming a member of Love Unity Equality where you can truly be a part of changing the world for the better.  

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