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Our Mission

To create a new American culture that focuses less on the fact that although there are  many ethnic backgrounds there is truly only one race the human race and as an American we should assure that all ethnic backgrounds receive the same rights and are treated equally.  In other words a culture that focuses on love, unity and equality.

The Problem

African Americans have been the primary victims of inequality in our country.  Political unrest, police brutality, racial profiling leading to racial tension have received national notoriety but not enough is being done to resolve them.  Neglected neighborhoods, schools and oppressed communities as a whole contribute to a myriad of problems like mass incarceration a questionable judicial system that could be argued targets the African American community. Leading to an alarming rate of absent fathers and young African men killing one another.  Regardless of who is to blame it is a societal matter that all Americans should be concerned with and one that Love Unity Equality hopes to help resolve.

What We Do and What Lover's Are

In a nutshell Love Unity Equality is about finding people who want to make a commitment to love in a world full of hate.  Who believe that when people who love come together in unity amazing things can happen including moving closer to equality.  

Understand we are all one and all created equal.

Teach, think and live that skin color and ethnicity is irrelevant.

Understands and teaches races were created by man to gain superiority and cause division.

Don't ignore injustices that affect primarily one ethnicity or skin color like police brutality, racial profiling, mass incarceration, neglected communities and the people who live in them.

Want justice and equality for all.

Remind people there is only one race the human race and that all Americans should be treated equally regardless of ethnicity or skin color.

Let people know as long as we have multiple races particularly a black one and a white one equality is virtually impossible.

Work towards stopping injustices described above in a peaceful and loving manner.

Working with the police to try to avoid these injustices from continuing but at the same time holding officers who are responsible for the crimes they have committed accountable.

Improving the condition of these neglected primarily African American communities and addressing issues like absent fathers, violent deaths and mass incarceration.

How to Get Involved & Even Get Paid To Do So

Read the entire website to get the true vision or read the section or sections that are most important to you.

There are a number of ways you can join or contribute to the movement. 

1.  Go to the Action Groups page to start or join a group and create a new American Culture creating equality for all.

2.  Go to the Get Paid Page and find out how you can actually get paid to be a lover and promote Love Unity Equality

3. Go to the Join Us Page and make a donation.

4.  Celebrities see the Celebs Page


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