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Become a Member

There is power in numbers and the more members coming together in love and unity the closer we get to equality.  When you become a member you receive a Tshirt to promote Love Unity Equality.   The more people who see the T shirts the bigger our movement will become. So wearing you tshirt and getting others to wear it is important. You are also added to an email list and or newsletter to be kept aware of what  is going on with Love Unity Equality and are encouraged to get involved in some way shape or form by joining or starting a group and promoting Love Unity Equality.  Membership is $33 and you are now eligible to receive $10 every time you get another person to become a member.   You are also now eligible to receive 50% of any donation you get someone to make.  So of course you are encouraged to recruit more members and ask for donations.   This is an ideal opportunity because nearly everyone you run into is a prospect to at least give a donation so their is always an opportunity to promote Love Unity Equality and to make some extra money.  Please note you are never to ask for or accept cash which is considered fraud and violators could be prosecuted.  Everything is done via the website and additional options are explained below.

Here are the steps to become a member.

1. Click Join Us below and pick out your 3 favorite T shirts.  

2. Then select the level of Member and complete.  Please note if you don't have or prefer not to use a credit or debit card we accept the Cash app and Zelle.  

3. Then go back to the home page and scroll all the way down to the  Contact Us section be sure to include your name email address and in your message include your 3 favorite tshirts to assure we have at least one in stock.  Include the address where you would like it  shipped and if someone referred you so we can get them there $10.  Also if you would like to pay via Cash app or Zelle send us the necessary  info usually a phone number to send you a request for funds.  With your number we can also send you a link to get Cash App.

Partner Requirements

Partners are the lifeblood of Love Unity Equality.  Partners will be actively involved in decision making in their city along with other partners and the founder.   They will play a huge role in inspiring Love Unity and Equality in their city.  Just as members are encouraged to recruit other members, partners are encouraged to do the same.   The minimum cost to become a partner is $500 and partners receive 50% of any partner they recruit.  

Become an Elite Member or Jr. Partner

Both receive 50% of the amount they bring a member in at as long as they are at or above that level.   Also 50% of any donation they bring in.

Elite members receive 2 tshirts and the cost is $100.   So if you bring on a standard member for $33 you will receive $15. $3 go towards fees.  If you bring on an Elite Member like yourself you will receive $50.  If you bring on a Jr. Partner of which the cost is $250 you will receive your $50 level but you know jump to a Jr. Partner level.

Jr. Partners receive 50% of all three levels and 50% of any donation they bring in and also receive 3 tshirts.  Please read the become a member section above to fully understand how to become a member.

What is Done With Fees

Love Unity Equality like all organizations has operating expenses.  So fees will go towards this any additional will go towards promoting the vision of Love Unity Equality as described on the home page and through out the website.  An example of that is a group of partners in a particular city want to create a program to help fatherless children.  Needs and ideas will come up as growth occurs and fees will go toward covering such things.  Members and partners will be kept aware of such matters via various communications.

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