Become a Love Unity Equality Partner

Make Love Unity Equality a Career

This position is designed for the person who has sales experience or any person who feels comfortable speaking to other professionals.  Business owners, community leaders, pastors, celebrities, philanthropists or anyone who is capable of donating $500 or more. As a partner the income potential is uncapped and you will receive 50% of each donation.  What makes this position so different and attractive is that you make an unlimited income to spread love unity & equality.  But you also sign up other partners to do the same thing. So if you got someone to donate $5000 you would receive $2500 as that donation would never have happened were it not for you.  You explain to the donor that they are also now a partner and there are a couple of things partners are asked to do to promote the movement.                                                                                                           

1. Encourage our new partner to get three friends, business partners, associates etc. and hopefully many more to do the same thing they just did. Explain to them that they are now a partner and they will receive 50% of the donations.  So if they were able to get three others to make the same donation they would actually make $2500 as the money raised for the movement would never have happened were it not for them.  If they choose to give you the names and set an appt. for you to do it then you split the 50%.  This helps the movement to continue to grow.

2. Announce on all their Social media accounts that they have proudly donated to Love Unity Equality and are a proud partner.  

We have a plan to help partners to succeed but we are looking for people who can sell us on why they are the right person for this position and what there plan is to succeed.

Part Time Partner

As a part time partner you reach out to your friends and family whether face to face or through social media. Or any person that you run into for that matter.  We have something designed for you to send out as a message via social media and what to say face to face as well.  You very simply ask for a donation and people can make a donation for as little as $10 and for as much as they choose. You inform them that after they make a donation they are now eligible to become a partner as well.  Partners receive 50% of all donations as those donations would not have happened with out them.  When you become a partner we reach out to you and tell you the best ways to succeed and how to continue promoting Love Unity Equality and continuing to make money.  This is an ideal opportunity because nearly everyone you run into is a prospect to give a donation so their is always an opportunity to promote Love Unity Equality and to make some extra money.

Partner Requirements

Anytime a partner decides they would like to start asking for donations for Love Unity Equality they are required to simply to send an email including a copy of their drivers license and a completed W9 for tax purposes.  Also a statement that they understand as a partner at no time will they misrepresent Love Unity Equality inc. meaning  only things written in the website are to be discussed with others. Also that they are not to ever take any cash payments.  The reason for this is to avoid fraud.  Any person attempting to or who commits fraud or misrepresents Love Unity Equality will be subject to prosecution. Payments must be made on and larger payments will be paid through a wire or cashier's check.

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