Celebrities Use Your Platform


People absolutely love and idolize celebrities.  One of our biggest goals is to attract celebrities because of the platform they have.  When you speak people listen and you truly can have an impact on the issues that are close to your heart.  One of the things that motivated me to do this is the constant reminders I would get from just following sports.  I have heard countless athletes from both football and basketball speak out on these issues along with multiple sports TV personalities and I and other advocates I'm sure will be reaching out to everyone of you until you join us or tell us to leave you alone. Well here is a perfect opportunity to get involved and if you do the masses will follow that's the kind of impact you have.  How much more willing would a police chief or city councilman or whoever be willing to meet a superstar athlete, actor, or music legend.  When a celebrity  becomes an advocate we have an add with your picture saying I promote Love Unity Equality.  When you do it others will follow and all the talk can stop and action can start taking place. Help create this new American Culture and reach out to me now.