All Time Great Coach Says Yes

Why We Agree With Gregg Popovich

Below you will read a quote from not just one of the greatest basketball coaches in history but truly a great man who has the courage to stand up for whats right and to speak the truth although it may be controversial..  A man who undoubtedly understands that we all deserve to be treated equally.  

I am sure his experience of having coached and worked with a multitude of African Americans has helped bring him come to the realization that people are not any better or worse because of the color of their skin or their ethnicity.  That the love he has had for his players didn't depend on that either.  So let's take a look at his words and then break down how it represents Love Unity Equality.

"Being a patriot is somebody that respects their country and understands that the best thing about our country is that we have the ability to fix things that have not come to fruition for a lot of people so far."

"All the promises in the beginning when the country was established is fantastic, but those goals have not been reached yet for a lot of people," Popovich continued. "So you can still be patriotic and understand that there still needs to be criticism and changes and more attention paid to those who do not have what other people do have, and that's where we've fallen short in a lot of different ways. Being a critic of those inequalities does not make you a non-patriot. It's what makes America great, that you can say those things and attack those things to make them better. That's what a lot of other countries don't have. You lose your freedom when you do that."

"To negate that part of what we're able to do is ignorant on anybody's part who tries to make those people look unpatriotic," Popovich said. "Like a Kaepernick. That was a very patriotic thing he did. He cared about his country enough to fix some things that were obvious, that everybody knows about but does nothing about."

Important Points Made

Inequality Exists

Coach Popovich acknowledges this. Most people if they were honest would agree.  The first step to solving a problem is admitting we have one.

What Truly Makes America Great

The fact that we have the freedom to be critical to invoke positive change.  A true Patriot strives for equality for all.

Why Kaepernick is Very Patriotic

In the coaches words "He cared about his country enough to fix some things that were obvious, that everybody knows about but does nothing about."

What Will You Do About It?

Coach Popovich's words are powerful but his last half sentence may be the must important because yea everybody knows but they do nothing about it.  We hope you will join us in spreading Love and not hate, promoting unity and not division creating equality for all.