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How long have you been around and who started this?  Founder Ed Hudson AKA  Edlove  has felt for years he was supposed to write a book or do something like this.   Police brutality issues and the ongoing problem of black and white division.  His closeness to both ethnic backgrounds and a long time concern for the state of our inner cities along with a spiritual awakening to preach and teach love. After much thought and what he feels is a true calling got him started late 2017 time frame.  Ed has a masters level education a former college basketball player, US Army soldier, has been involved in teaching, counseling, coaching, sales and has owned his own business.    

Is this a non profit organization?  No the idea here is to get every day people who believe in the movement an opportunity to earn money as a partner by raising money for the cause.  Also the ability to help others to start a career while promoting the movement and that the people who are concerned are doing their part to promote and are rewarded for doing so.  The hope is that people will make their living promoting Love Unity Equality something this country is desperately in need of.

If it's non profit is it legal?  Yes it is.  people are making a voluntary donation to Love Unity Equality.  When partners come on they are commissioned sales people who get others to donate to the movement. Donations and sales go towards, commissions, administrative costs, advertising, marketing and growth of Love Unity Equality.  

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