The Many Ways You Can Take Action

Become a Partner

Partners are truly the lifeblood of Love Unity Equality.  You are the leaders of your community, city, state or region and truly have a desire to be a leader or member of one of our focus groups,

Here is what our partners do.

1. Recruit other partners to a committee or multiple Love Unity Equality groups in metropolitan areas all across America.

2.  When enough partners are reached a group of Love Unity Equality partners start positively impacting its community.  

3. Ideal scenario is to have all 5 of or focus groups in each area.  

Partners Pay $500 as a minimum to become a Partner and receive $250 every time they recruit a new partner which they are encouraged to do.  You can come in at as high a level of a partner as you wish $1000, $5000 your choice and you receive half of each new member you bring on.  Partners are also encouraged to recruit members and receive 50% of all donations they bring in.

Transition into a World Changing Career Part or Full Time

Needed-Leaders, Non Profit specialists, Grant Writers, Petition Writers, Counselors, Social and Caseworkers, Teacher’s, Salespeople, Coaches, Mentors, Entrepreneurs, Recruiters, Event Planners, Pastors or Church Leaders College Students, People Experienced Working with Teens, Tee-shirt Models, Police Officers and retired and ex police officers, Veterans and people with big dreams or anyone highly motivated to promote Love Unity Equality.

Our founder understands that it is only the vision that is his and needs people who are a lot smarter than he is in many different areas for Love Unity Equality to ever have an impact.  He is so determined to get people involved he has created ways for people to get paid  some extra income or even a lucrative career if there willing to put in the work.  Go to our careers and programs pages for more.


Members are encouraged to

1. Post on social media that they are proud members.

2. Please share with us the five most influential people you know and anyone you think can truly help the movement.

See member recruiter below for info on making an income for collecting donations.

Become a Member Recruiter

Member Recruiters truly want to promote Love Unity Equality and actively recruit new members and are rewarded to do so.  You recruit new Members and ask for donations and receive 50% of all new member fees and donations you generate of $10 or more.  

Have a Love Unity Equality Party

The goal is to educate as many people as possible about the movement and to get as many people as possible to become a member or partner and promote the things that Love Unity Equality is all about.  Start out with people you know or how about your social media friends you still haven't met in person. Tell them that your excited about this new thing your doing with Love Unity Equality.  Of course you are going to have to convince them to come. You can tell them as much as you like but telling them that they could actually start making some extra money while promoting something that truly makes a difference should be enough.  The party is pretty simple basically asking your guests to watch 3 short videos and essentially everything is done for you in the last video. When you decide to host a party you will receive more details and receive a phone call if necessary.  For hosting the party you receive 75% of the proceeds collected.   You essentially are paid to promote the movement.  Without people to promote the movement there is no movement so we understand those people should be rewarded.  The more members we have the more unity and equality.  The more people that know about us the more will become interested and the more they will tell others.  Again more details will be given to you when you decide to host a party Additional options are to sell Love Unity Equality Tshirts at your party.  

Ask Our Founder to Speak

At your church, school, event or on your podcast, radio or TV show as he teaches us  how to create Love Unity and Equality.  More specifically how to fight racism, improve police and African American relations and stop police brutality.  What can be done to stop mass incarceration and how we can create an improved judicial system. How we can improve neglected neighborhoods, have less fatherless children and less violence and senseless deaths.