Make extra Cash or a Career promoting Love Unity Equality

How many people can say their work is actually attempting to change the world for the better and having an impact on not only on your generation, but more importantly on the young kids this age pictured who can grow up feeling they are all equal and that the color of their skin is no more relevant than the color of their eyes or their hair and they won't be discriminated against because of it.  Not to mention future generations like your children or grandchildren. That the neighborhoods they live in are safe and they all feel the same positive way about the police.  That the police are even more qualified then they are now and more involved in communities.  Love Unity Equality offers you the opportunity  to start or join a group to make these things happen.  Also to start your own business and receive all the support needed to make an unlimited income depending on how hard you’re willing to work.  You work when you want to work, so you can still work your present job.  By the way is it really work to essentially be spreading love reaching out to people all day on Social Media and the people that you run into when your out living life. You will be given everything you need to be successful. Why not make money spreading Love Unity and Equality.  

There are primarily 3 ways to do this 

1. Inviting people to become a member or to attend a party and watch  3 short videos and support us.  Go to the Have a Party Page or member and partner for details.

2. Asking people to become a partner this is ideal for a seasoned sales professional or anyone who is comfortable speaking to others face to face and communicating what Love Unity Equality is all about to acquire partners.  Go to the member or Partner Page for details.

3. Tshirt business for Love Unity Equality send us an email for more for details