Host a Love Unity Equality Party

Make a Difference and an Income

Thanks for taking the first step in joining the movement for Love Unity & Equality.  The goal is to educate as many people as possible about the movement and to get as many people as possible to join or start a group to promote the things that Love Unity Equality is all about.  


How Do You Host a Party

Simple you either decide to host a party at your home or a location of your choice.   You start out with people you know or how about your facebook friends you still haven't met in person. Tell them that your excited about this new thing your doing with Love Unity Equality.  Of course you are going to have to convince them to come. You can tell them as much as you like but telling them that they could actually start making some extra money while promoting something that truly makes a difference should be enough.  The party is pretty simple basically asking your guests to watch 3 short videos and essentially everything is done for you in the last video. When you decide to host a party you will receive more details and receive a phone call if necessary.  

How You Get Paid & Promote Movement

The people who attend the party will be asked to do three things before they leave one is make a donation or become a member or partner of Love Unity Equality which they will do right on their phone or your phone.  The second one is to sign up for the newsletter to keep up with the latest activities and or drop us a line about wanting to start or join a group.  The third will be to see you before they leave to thank them for coming.  For hosting the party you receive 75% of the proceeds collected.   You essentially are paid to promote the movement.  Without people to promote the movement there is no movement so we understand those people should be rewarded.  The more members we have the more unity and equality.  The more people that know about us the more will become interested and the more they will tell others.  Again more details will be given to you when you decide to host a party Additional options are to sell Love Unity Equality Tshirts at your party.