Love & Unity Can Create Equality For All Americans

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 Love Unity Equality promotes love and unity and deters hate and division leading to equality for all.  

So let’s just say life required you have to pick a side.  The side I am talking about is Love or Hate.   Am I gonna choose love or hate, am I gonna be a lover or a hater am I gonna spread love or hate.  Hopefully most people would say love.  But people are so filled with hate they hate because of beliefs, jealousy, envy, hurt, pain etc. etc etc.  People hate their own family members, their neighbors, strangers, people with different color skin, people with the same color skin, and we could go on and on. Point being we find a way to hate or haters gonna hate as the saying goes.  Were surrounded by hate we hear it all day we see it, people do it to us and it’s really hard not to do it back so it becomes this vicious cycle.  Some people hate because that is all they really know how to do.  Truth is every person wants to be loved and it hurts when we don't get love and feelings are hurt and hurt people, hurt people.  Closely related is when people are taught to hate what are they gonna become, yes haters.  Most haters really want to think there lovers but think how many times we actually say we hate in reference to something people related.  I wonder how many people in this country are saying right now I hate white people or black people the police or whoever and using much more derogatory terms.  Sadly way too many which is one of the reasons I am doing this.  Point being we have a hate epidemic going on. The only thing we should hate is hate, wickedness and evil, injustice, prejudice, racism, discrimination, neglect, corruption, crime, violence, terrorism,etc etc etc.  

  Now what about love the thing that every human desires,  and what most people haven’t gotten enough of.  What truly makes the world go around, what truly conquers all even hate and the only thing along with unity that will help resolve these problems.  We say and show we love sex, money, cars, clothes, violence, power, shoes, a sport or a team, a hobby, a lifestyle, celebrities, music, movies, food, to party, holidays, family, friends and many more things.  Notice most are all things that you never actually have a relationship with. The exception friends and family which if we are going to be honest many love these things more than they love their own brother or even their own child and most people are lucky if they can say they have a few true friends. The kind of love that isn’t talked about much or worse not shown enough is love for each other.  Not just the people God puts in your life but people in general.  

Lover's have great attitudes and pretty much have it figured out.  They even want to help the haters because they know the haters don’t and that there miserable and their hurt and their angry and that they can turn it all around with a heart change.   We need a world where there is more love and less hate and that can only happen when people make a conscious effort to show love and unity rather than hate and division.  Love Unity Equality is looking for people like this and there are a lot of you out there already making this world a beautiful place by showing love and conquering hate.  This is exactly what this new American culture needs and what can improve these hateful things that have gone on for far too long.   You see if everyone in this country was truly a lover we would not have these problems.  If everyone genuinely loved their neighbor as themselves and treated others the way they would like to be treated then all would be treated equally and everything would be like heaven on earth. This may be an unrealistic scenario but it doesn't have to be for us and that’s what Love Unity Equality is all about.  


The definition of unity is the quality or state of not being multiple, the quality or state of being made one.  The Love of one person can be powerful and life changing but the love of many unified together can conquer all including division and inequality.  When the human race comes together as one in unity and love any problem can be solved or at the very least be improved dramatically.  An example is when Hitler tried to destroy every Jew in Europe, the US along with other countries came together as one out of the love for mankind to stop it.  It was love because they decided to treat their fellow man like they would like to be treated.  They knew this was wrong and that it needed to stop and they came together in love and unity and were able to defeat the hate. 

Another example more closely related to the matter at hand is a problem that has plagued our country even before it became our country in 1619 when Dutch Traders first brought African slaves to Jamestown VA.  Eventually and way too late I may add humans came together in love and unity and slavery was abolished.  It was love because people knew it was wrong and were willing to risk their lives the ultimate sign of love to stop it.  Later and again way too late people came together in love and unity in the civil rights movement and major improvements were made to improve equality.  Some may argue we live in the greatest country in the world and that equality already exists.  That is what is intended  but not the reality and it’s true Americans are fortunate and should be very thankful for their circumstances but to honestly say we have true equality would be stretch to say the least.  So the goal is by showing love and unity we achieve equality or at the very least improve equality and justice for all.  We want equality for all and we know that all ethnic backgrounds can be discriminated against and we want to and will be an advocate for all.  With that being said the primary issues we are dealing with here are the inequalities and injustices in regards to African Americans and in some case Hispanics and improving relations between so called white and black people and the police and African Americans.  As mentioned earlier we are going to need real unity from multiple ethnic backgrounds to see equality.  We have to realize we are all Americans, we are all one, all equal and all on the same team if we want to have any chance of equality and a new and better American culture.  


Love & Unity Creates Equality

Let me give you an example of something that could be done.  Most have heard about the Colin Kaepernick kneeling controversy.  I love sports and listen to a lot of sports radio and I heard someone say that Colin is only half black and was raised by white parents.  In other words he isn’t black enough to stand up or in this case kneel for the matter.  Amazing how the black white thing causes such division and hatred which I will discuss later.  Unbelievable comment first of all right is right and wrong is wrong and he should be commended for standing up for it whether he was blue black or lily white and anything in between.  Sadly he has been made a villain for kneeling or bringing attention to something every American should be disgusted by.  Now it appears he has been blackballed from the NFL.  

How much more powerful would it be if it someone who did this wasn’t so called black.  Or if a so called white player a famous one like Tom Brady let’s say came and knelt with him. Then commented and said Colin is not kneeling because he hates this country or he is trying to disrespect the flag or he doesn’t care about the veterans who risked and lost their life for our freedom.  He is doing it to bring attention to the fact that injustices have occurred against African Americans in this country in regards to racial profiling and police brutality against African Americans going so far as people losing their life and that’s a travesty and I agree it needs to stop.  He could add the whole thing that he supports the police wholeheartedly but doesn't support such action.  Then what if the team came out and said we support what Tom said and we plan to meet with local police departments to see what we can do to improve relations in African American communities.  Then the league came out and said the same thing  and that we are going to implement plans to do this in every city we have a team in.  Then the NBA would definitely do the same the players would be behind it 1000%.  If we had true unity and equality in this country more people would do things like this.  Most are afraid they will be seen as a sellout to their own people and doesn't want to offend people and piss them off.  Not until people realize all Americans are our people and their is only one race will this ever change.  

The average so called white person may not admit this but many feel like these black people are never satisfied they have their own history month there always complaining, they have more rights than we do and there problems are self induced based on their behavior.  Some of those things are valid points that should be open for discussion and African Americans have to be willing to do so just as the police has to be willing to do so to make things better.  However I am going to make one point that closes the case for any so called white person to consider.  Have you ever once felt like when you got in your car or your son got in any car particularly a nice car that you or he would be racially profiled pulled over for no good reason possibly be beaten and even killed.  Well so called black people think of that every day and teach their kids everything possible to avoid it and for good reason.  Case closed we have a problem.  Now lets solve it together with love and unity. 

Although I truly believe the majority of Americans may not discriminate or hate and we have come so far as to have an African American president it is clear that with all the fairly recent police brutality incidents going so far as African Americans losing their lives and the overall unrest in the country right now that we obviously still have a lot of work to do and is time for a new American culture where there is real equality.  Most people however will probably say this problem can never be solved and will laugh at some of the ideas I will talk about. Some may not be ready for some of the things I discuss as I know I have always been ahead of my time or just may not agree with some of the things I say.  One thing for sure is if the way we look at this issue doesn’t change then change will not happen. I believe my life experience has made me an expert on this subject and I have a feeling of genuine responsibility and passion to want Americans of all ethnic backgrounds to create a new American culture that commits to and spreads love and not hate. That promotes unity and not division which leads to equality for all.  It starts with us and the more people who join the cause the stronger it will become.  If we do nothing that’s exactly what will happen.  

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