Justice For All

The Goal

Their is power in unity.  So in addition to educating people and teaching them how they can take action to create equality.  It is extremely important to find ways or join others who are addressing issues like criminal justice reform to make positive changes.  Equally as important is finding ways to help those who have been discriminated against to find ways to take action.    Having the courage to stand up to injustice is the beginning of assuring justice and equality.  Continue reading for ways you can do so.

Connect With Us

If you look at our other 4 areas of focus you will find ways that you can help.  Remember the power of unity you know someone who knows someone who can open a door that can create positive change.  Contact us about being a leader in of one of our groups which we hope to have all across America.

Connect With Others

We are always excited to see others who stand up for justice and working towards creating equality.  We want to commend Ben and Jerry's for the stand they are taking to promote similar causes to what we stand for.  Please also go to their website benjerry.com and get involved with the organizations they are.partnering with that are working towards attaining justice for all.  They focus primarily on the legal side of things and how we can pass laws for positive change.

Way to Take Action If Discriminated Against

Here's the bottom line no person should be discriminated against because of the color of their skin or ethnicity in this day and age.  It still happens but it should be totally unacceptable and the consequences should be greater for those who do so.  It has been said that people only can do to you what you allow them to.  Therefore don't tolerate it whether it is you who are the victim or someone else is the victim.  

Although being too sensitive and easily offended are poor character traits.  When someone is discriminated against because of the color of their skin or ethnicity it is not something we should take lightly.  However when you loose your composure you usually loose.  Go about it the proper way and make the necessary complaint and follow up to make sure action is being taken.  In some cases an attorney should be involved and we fully expect to have attorneys who are more than willing to provide their services.