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Protect Your Child from Being a Statistic

If we were going to be brutally honest and really speak to people of all ethnic backgrounds and were to ask them why they believe the rates of young African American men dying violently at the hands of another young African American man or being  in jail prison or part of the judicial system is so disproportionately high for African Americans.  There would be diverse answers but all would probably agree that not having an active father in your life can be a recipe for disaster and no doubt plays a huge part in it.  

When a father is not in the picture the chances are far greater a child will suffer as will society.  It takes two to make a baby takes at least two to raise one.  We have to find a way to keep fathers actively involved in their child’s life and teach them how to be good fathers and educating mothers about making better decisions then having children by absent fathers. Continued education on African American on African American hate, crime, gang violence etc.   

A friend of mine was talking to me and we brought up the fact that both of our sons have told us how many people they knew when they were kids up through high school are dead or in prison.  Ask anybody from an African American community the numbers are astronomical.  Oppression and neglect along with poor living conditions also contribute to this.  

This is a societal problem if something like what has or is still going on in Chicago and other cities ever happened in neighborhoods of European descent or so called white neighborhoods the National Guard, Army whoever it took would be called in to stop it.  

Some would argue nothing is done because nobody cares and that the prison system is big business.  Watch the documentary the 13th explains this problem thoroughly.  I think we would all agree that dangerous violent criminals should be locked up in jail but for non violent criminals their needs to be another alternative.  

Also the probation system should be changed asking already poor people to pay additional fees for probation.  I’m sure there could be a way to get people in prison in jail and on probation to rebuild our impoverished areas and when they got out they would have developed a trade.  Bottom line is we need to work on lowering this disproportional number and figure out better alternatives.  All of these issues along with others need groups of people coming together in love and unity to improve conditions. But probably most important is the need for fathers to protect and educate and love their kids about how to avoid becoming a statistic.

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