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The Answers to Racism

Starts With You

In as brief of a way as I possibly can. I am going to share what some famous men say are the answers.  What scientists and or geneticists say on the topic and how Love Unity Equality has answers.  Recently a radio personality I really like was doing a tribute to Michael Jackson and said if the video referring to the "Man in The Mirror" doesn't touch you than you have some serious problems.  I agree and maybe we should all watch it because change starts with you and me and we all need to make a change.  What we see in Prince EA’s video should be right at the top of your list to change the way we think and if this video didn't touch you then yeah you have some serious problems.  It's powerful and the word love that comes up at the end sums it up well.  The focus of everyone of us should be to love and not hate.

God Bless Prince EA who did this video and I really don't need to say that because God has already blessed him because he really understands the way things are supposed to be.  I mean he really gets it and I hope you get it like he does because he sums up Love Unity Equality.  This video tells us how it is really supposed to be if we are operating in Love. 

But most of you unfortunately will not be ready for the things I am going to say in the  Create Love Unity Equality section below.  Understandable because as Prince EA says in short from birth the world has force fed us these labels that we accept and never doubt.  So it is no wonder you may have problems with it.  As a matter of fact some people will be up in arms about it even many so called black people who have been discriminated against because of  their skin color will say how terrible it is to attempt to create a colorless society.  

Well I am going to give you an example of a part of society where we have true equality that we all can learn something from and they are colorless.  That is the NBA and although discrimination occasionally happens  they are light years ahead of the rest of our country. Why because no one cares whether it’s a player a coach or upper management about the color of anyone's skin they only care if that person can improve the team.   In other words everyone is treated equally.  Of course the more talented are paid greater and even treated better and have more power.    But that has nothing to do with skin color or ethnicity.  When someone does discriminate against someone swift action is taken and harsh punishments are handed down because to do such a thing is intolerable. No wonder the NBA is becoming more and more popular and successful.  Not to mention the fact that they reach out and try to help communities most in need and address the need for equality.  I would say it is safe to say that not only would they approve of this video but also these 3 quotes by the great men. 

"The color of our skin should be no more relevant than the color of our eyes."  Bob Marley. 

" Hating people because of their color is wrong.  And it doesn't matter which color does the hating.  It's just plain wrong."  Muhammad Ali.

"Don't judge people by the color of their skin but the content of their character."  MLK Jr.

Yes Prince EA and these 3 great men get it as does the NBA it's time we all get it.  The color of our skin should be irrelevant.  We are all Americans, all one and all equal.  When we adopt that mentality and what these three great men say we are well on our way.  Continue reading to see what Geneticists say about race.

Science and Genetics

A.R. Templeton, who is among the world’s most recognized and respected geneticists: there is only one evolutionary lineage of humanity and there are no subspecies or races. 

Robert Sussman says in his book The Myth of Race possibly the best book on the subject, “Thus, the concept of human races is real. It is not a biological reality, however, but a cultural one. Race is not a part of our biology, but it is definitely a part of our culture. Race and racism are deeply ingrained in our history.”

ABC News stated, “More and more scientists find that the differences that set us apart are cultural, not racial. Some even say that the word race should be abandoned because it’s meaningless.” The article went on to say that “we accept the idea of race because it’s a convenient way of putting people into broad categories, frequently to suppress them—the most hideous example was provided by Hitler’s Germany. And racial prejudice remains common throughout the world.”

In an article in the “Journal of Counseling and Development, researchers argued that the term “race” is basically so meaningless that it should be discarded.

Professor of Genetics Bryan Sykes from Oxford University who wrote the book USA DNA said in an interview I saw, that it is safe to say that all African Americans have European DNA and the majority of all European Americans have African DNA especially those who descended from the south. 

How to Create Love Unity Equality

I am pretty sure if we were able to interview the great men above they would say that we all should make a conscious effort to choose love and not hate.  That we should find ways to come together in Unity rather than becoming more divided.  That skin color shouldn't matter and we should all treat each other equally.  That we all should take positive action toward stopping systemic racism that still is dividing us and find ways to get over the black white issue that has always existed.  

When we start doing these things and encouraging others to do the same it will make a huge difference.   How you live and what you have the courage to spread impacts others more than you will ever know.  Let's take a deeper look at Price EA"s video and the above info to come up with specific ways to Create Love Unity Equality.

Acknowledge Identify and Care Enough to Resolve

The first step to resolving any problem is knowing it exists and exactly what it is.  Then being willing to do what it takes to resolve it.  So in short the problem is that systemic racism still exists. Most people really haven't made a conscious effort to choose love rather than hate.  Especially to care or show love for someone who is considered a different race or color.  Division exists rather than unity because as the saying goes no justice no peace. 

We are all selfish by nature which is ok to a certain extent because we must love our self to love others.  However most great people understand that the key to life is helping or caring about others. In other words being unselfish. Also I am sure that the people you know who are unselfish and care about and help others are your favorite people   This is what it takes to start seeing positive change.  Since we are divided and have a group of people who are identified as white and another as black and we don't see ourselves as all Americans, All One and All Equal.  We are separated even when we are friends most people still separate themselves.  Their is no we it is us and them.

Therefore the group of people who have been labeled as white are not really concerned about the group of people who have been labeled as black.    There attitude is I have enough problems of my own and I have to worry about me and my family.   This is understandable because the truth is it is hard to find the people who love or care for and want to help others especially a group that is considered a different race or color than your own.  The group of people who are called black for good reason have a chip on their shoulder.  Not only is their a history of them being discriminated against in horrific ways.  As things seemingly get better over time more and more truths and proof come out that validate systemic racism is alive and well and horrific things are still happening.  Creating obstacles that make it very difficult for them to succeed.  Anytime a person is mistreated it causes pain or hurt.  Through out this website the expression hurt people, hurt people is used and we usually hurt the ones we are closest too.  So is it any wonder that this group called black have had problems in there communities.  In all reality it should be expected.

Until people begin to care enough to resolve these problems can we expect things to improve.  Continue reading for answers.

Prince EA Tells Us How to Resolve The Problem

The first thing he says is "I am not black I mean that’s what the world calls me but its not me. I didn’t come out of my mother’s womb saying hey everybody I’m black.  No I was taught to be black and you were taught to call me along with whatever you call yourself it’s just a label.  You see from birth the world force feeds us these labels and eventually we swallow them we digest them and we accept these labels never ever doubting them.  But there’s one problem labels are not you labels are not me there just labels.

But who we truly are is not skin deep." 

I once heard a geneticist say that we are 99.9% the same on the inside.  Early in his video Prince EA uses the example of cars and how society has labeled us in such a way but reminds us "who we we truly are is inside."  Keep in mind God loves variety and as similar as we all are each one of us is different.  Skin color helped our race or species survive early in the history of man.  Darker complexions protecting us in hot climates and lighter in dark. 

Prince EA who I hope to interview soon very simply tells us what MLK Jr. did a long time ago.  "Don't judge people by the color of skin, judge people by the content of their character."  I would add to that don't judge a man until you have walked in his shoes and remind you a pretty famous book called the Bible says the harder you judge a man the harder God will judge you.  The theme of that book by the way is Love.

Prince EA then says "I’m not here to tell you that science has proven that genetically were all mixed and that race in the human species doesn’t exist or how every historian knows that race was invented in the 15th century to divide people from each other and it has worked perfectly."  Then he says "No I'm not here to lecture."  

Actually that's my job and everything he says in that quote is completely true.  He kindly leaves out the people who approved of this race thing to divide us and make them feel superior and gain power.  Power most people who have ever had it use it to very simply take advantage of others for their good rather than to help the masses.  Interesting fact the idea of calling one of the races Caucasian came from a group of very influential men of European descent from back in the time Prince EA refers too.  They were convinced that the most beautiful women in the world were from the Caucasus region of Russia.  So they adopted the name as a form of superiority.  For more information about The Myth of Race you should read the book with that very title that I referred to in the Science and Geneticists quotes above.  The National Geographic's Race Addition article "There is No Scientific Base for Race-It's a Made Up-Label is much shorter but very educational.

Prince EA then says, "Who would you be if society didn’t give you a label, we would be one, we would be together.  No longer living in an era of calling human beings black people or white people.  These labels that will forever blind us from seeing people for who they really are.  Instead, seeing them through the judgmental, prejudicial, artificial filters of who we think they are."  

This sums up what Love Unity Equality is and again reminds us the black and white term labels and divides us. As Bob Marley says the color of our skin should be irrelevant.  Just as article in the “Journal of Counseling and Development, researchers argued that the term “race” is basically so meaningless that it should be discarded."    Not until then we will be all Americans All One and All Equal.

Continuing Prince EA says "Will you let an artificial label define yourself then you my friend have chosen smallness over greatness minimized yourself confined and divided yourself from others."  

I'm just gonna let you think on that because it's deep but true.  

The Prince then hits us with more truth.  "It is an undeniable fact where there is division there is conflict and conflict starts war therefore every war has started over labels it”s always us vs. them.  So the answer to war, racism, sexism and every other ism is so simple that every politician has missed.  It’s the labels we must tear them off."  

Making the point when there is no unity their is division and that causes conflict because its us vs. them rather than we.

He continues "Isn’t it funny how no baby is born racist yet every baby cries when they hear the cries of another no matter the gender culture or color.  Proving that deep down we were meant to connect and care for each other that is our mission and that is not my opinion that is the truth in a world that has sold us fiction." 

No matter what you were taught the truth is you were created to love and not hate, and as Muhammad Ali said. " Hating people because of their color is wrong.  And it doesn't matter which color does the hating.  It's just plain wrong." When you begin to understand that your mission is to Love people and not just the ones who are your color or ethnicity.  We all need each other yes remember that word we.

The wisdom filled, inspired Prince finishes by saying, "Please listen labels only distort our vision which is why half of those watching will dismiss it or feel resistant or conflicted but just remember so did the caterpillar before it broke through it’s shell and became the magnificent butterfly.  Well these labels are our shells and we must do the same things so we can finally spread our wings.  Human beings were not meant to be slapped  with labels like groceries  and supermarkets.  DNA cannot be regulated by the FDA.  We were meant to be free and only when we remove them all and stop thinking so small will we be free to see ourselves and each other for who we truly are."   

Who we truly are is One Race the Human Race.  How we Should see each other is as all Americans, all one and all equal.  Live it preach it teach it.

Summary of Fighting Racism and Creating Equality

Love Unity Equality

Love, love and hate, hate.  In other words be a Lover and not a hater,  be someone who unifies not divides, if your gonna hate, hate injustice and care enough to do something about it.

Know the Truth

Based on Robert Sussman's quote above in the Geneticists  section.  Although race isn't really real, it is real because it has been deeply ingrained and has created racism that clearly still exists systemically.

See Yourself and Others as Equals

When you see others as equals their color should be irrelevant as Price EA, Bob Marley, Muhammad Ali and MLK all teach us.  

Identifying Ourselves or Others by Color or Race is Divisive and Outdated

Prince EA's video sums it up well.  Black and white in the eyes of most two separate cultures and races.  Both labeled put into a box, stereotyped.  I refuse to live that way and so should you.  Tear of the labels and break the box down.  As long as we label each other by a color or a different race particularly  black or white it creates the us and them mentality.   Which causes division which leads to conflict.

Alternatives to using race or color

If someone asks you for your race say the same as yours cuz with a smile.   Great chance to tell them the truth.  Tell them your ethnicity if they really want to know but include American first because we are all Americans, all one and all equal.  As far as paperwork I wouldn't fill it out shouldn't matter unless it is medical even then only ethnicity is needed.  Identifying someone by a color is divisive and inaccurate and shouldn't matter.  Even when the need arises you can use a scale 1 being the lightest 10 the darkest and ethnicity can be used.  Remember life is about loving not hating and unifying not dividing and equality and not injustice.

See People for who they really are

Don't let your ignorance, prejudice or even past experience allow you to hate.  Pull off the labels break down the boxes and remember to treat people the way you would like to be treated. Follow the advice of the great men above and spread love not hate.