Stopping Police Brutality


Working w/ Police & Accountability

I want to make it clear that we are not hear to bash or hate on the police we are here to try to improve relations between the police and primarily African Americans, as a real problem does exist although it seems like things are improving.   The police should be commended for honoring, serving and protecting our communities and play a huge role in our society and I along with most people feel the same way.  They have an extremely tough almost impossible job to do that includes many ruthless and evil people to deal with on a daily basis.  

The truth is however that no matter how hard it may be or how good a job police departments do ethnic profiling exists, police brutality and even police killing innocent citizens has happened.  If that happens one time it is too many times and inexcusable and if a police officer is guilty of such a thing they should suffer the consequences.  Most importantly we need to find a way to stop it and that can only happen if we come together in love and unity working with the police.  

The following email was sent to over 70 police Chiefs and Sheriff's in the largest cities in the country in  regards to these matters with hopes of working with them to improving relations and stopping police brutality.

Dear Chief,

You probably haven’t heard of Love Unity Equality as of yet.  We hope to work together with the police as an advocate improving relations with African American Communities while striving to stop police brutality.  Whether your department has had issues with police brutality or racial profiling or not is irrelevant. Being able to assure the African American community and other concerned citizens that their are steps in place being taken to avoid these things from  happening makes you a leader and a trend setter that other police departments can follow and is a huge step in the right direction.  

I have a clear cut plan that guarantees to improve police and African American relations.  The more that can be done to show the community you care the more it benefits everyone. Working with an outside agency who is a middleman that acts as a mediator is not only the answer but shows you care and that this matter is of major concern to you as well.  Action taken to improve matters proves you are genuinely working towards positive change.  Even if we came up with one thing that can be done it is a step in the right direction. I sincerely hope to hear back from you as we look forward to partnering. You can go to for more info on both the home and police page.  

Unfortunately only  two police depts. showed any interest and eventually failed to continue communicating.

I am convinced that when you are the law it is easy to feel like you are above the law.  We have the police to hold us as citizens accountable and thank God for that.  The police for the most part do a great job but we need someone other than the police chief or commissioner to hold officers accountable for heinous crimes that are committed against innocent unarmed citizens which appear to be African Americans or other people of color the majority of the time.  This problem can only be resolved when people come together in love and unity as there is extreme power in both enough to create equality.  Love Unity Equality has answers become a partner or a member and as our numbers go up the police will work with us and we can start making a difference.

Improve Police & African American Relations

Most Americans are taught to believe and generally do believe that the police are good and a very valuable part of our community that protect us from crime. Most police officers do and are risking their lives daily for our safety.  But the truth is there is a war going on in our streets between the police and primarily men who fit a stereotype from African American neighborhoods for over 30 years that I know about and probably ever since slavery was abolished.  Both sides are on high alert and very defensive and concerned for their safety and their life.  Many African Americans don't trust the police and aren't very fond of them to say the least because of all the things I mentioned and understandably so.  The police feel overworked, underpaid, unappreciated, fearful in many cases, many times because they are not properly trained and because it is just an extremely dangerous profession where every day your life is on the line and you want to live to see another day and your kids and family, understandably again.  We are not asking for criminals and the police to be the best of friends.  What we are talking about is all citizens are treated equally and not profiled or mistreated due to perception.  We also hope that people would understand that the police risk their lives every day to protect them and they too deserve to be honored and respected.

Improved Training, Policies & Attitudes

In regards to being not properly trained there are many incidents that I saw on tape that proved to me officers were not properly trained.  But in defense of the police ask any veteran of the military who was preparing for war or served in a war if they were truly trained or properly prepared for a conflict and many will honestly say no.  This could lead to or has lead to death by the enemy and by friendly fire.  This is not to put the military down I am proud to be a veteran, it is to say that even what is considered the best military in the world still needs more training so does the police probably even more.  I have also talked to my share of officers and have been able to gather enough information to know there is not enough training.  

Another thing we have to be real about is that with absolute power comes absolute corruption and there needs to be a check and balance system that is non police department affiliated. For the most part we always protect our own.  If we are gonna be honest we would have to admit cover ups are a reality.  Some would argue getting away with murder has been a reality.  

I have had my dealings and talked to my share of police officers and heard my share of stories from my own kids and close friends.  We have all seen our share of documentaries and movies and we all know that this power leads to corruption far too often. Despite all the good cops there are bad cops out there and that there are also just some out of control cops out there who just don't know how to control themselves and who actually hate the communities they are supposed to serve and think they are at war with them.  So we have to acknowledge that  there is division and even hatred between African American communities and the police.  So how can this problem be solved.  Of course people coming together in love and unity, including the police.

Possible Solutions & Improvements

We have a clear cut realistic plan that we hope to  implement  with police officials that  could eliminate or at the very least improve the problem.  We also want to become an advocate for the police and believe officers should be paid accordingly 100k a year if an officer is in a high crime area in some cases more. We are talking about an elite highly trained officer who is on the beat in a high crime or at risk neighborhood or city making them a safe place to live. There are some contingencies every one of these elite officers would need a 4 yr degree in sociology, psychology or criminal justice.  A special program for qualified veterans who are already highly trained can help veterans, police depts. and communities.  Officers should complete a vigorous training program comparable to elite level military training which truly prepares them for what they will face in the streets.  This should be the future officer one who is highly educated, trained, paid and committed fully to improving the community they serve. 

Committees made up of our partners along with other leaders and volunteers from the community to work with the police to better serve the community. Including more active involvement with at risk youth like our Raise Your Son Not Your Gun Program.  Working together when officers are under investigation for possible crimes against members of the community seeing that justice is served. Lastly and maybe most importantly there needs to be relationships created between the officers who serve the community and the community where trust is built.  Including quarterly town halls about how progress is being made or not made.  When people come together in love and unity and problems are addressed problems can be solved.  It starts with dialogue we need people coming together in groups and meeting with  police chiefs and local gov't promoting solutions.  Our partner program goes hand and hand with this.