Improve Neglected Communities

Time For Change

The conditions in our inner cities in African American communities essentially have always been neglected and if you read Richard Rothstein's Color of Law you will understand if you don't already that ghettos and segregation didn't just occur they were planned by the government and obviously ghettos now known as the hood still exist and segregation is still the norm.  If that's not enough we also know that an enormous amount of information  points to the fact that the crack epidemic was supported by the government as well in African American communities. So it's pretty safe to say African American communities have been oppressed for as long as they have been here.

Love & Unity for Better Communities

All of us need to come together to improve our impoverished and high crime areas because our environment plays a huge role in who we become.  The hood is almost always neglected the mentality has always been to stay clear of it.  Unless you’re from there you’re afraid of it because of all the terrible things you hear about it on the news. Neglect is obviously never a good thing and leads to problems.  If you had two cars and took excellent care of one but neglected the other that car is gonna have some problems.  Just like the schools in the inner cities, the dilapidated buildings, empty storefronts and the people who live there.  The focus of every city in America should be to improve the worst part of the city just like you would do your house. If your roof is bad your gonna fix that before you remodel your kitchen.  But we don’t do that in our cities primarily because the division the black white issue the us and them mentality.  

Positive Things Being Done

I was driving in my city with a friend and noticed blocks of apartments that had been condemned for at least a few years had some brand new apartments going up that looked great.  When I saw that I was like that’s exactly what we need to do tear down the condemned and build something new and beautiful where people can live and feel comfortable.  Then have a standard to keep the property which is actually being done successfully in other primarily African neighborhoods in the city. This is an example of positive change I am talking about that really needs to take place on a much higher scale.  Another positive I have seen is when I made a few quick visits to Harlem.  The first thing I noticed was there were parts that used to be all African American and now looked to be many ethnic backgrounds.  I also noticed it looked pretty good and it appeared to be thriving obviously a place where people of all ethnic backgrounds feel comfortable living.  That should be the goal of every city in America that the primarily African American neighborhoods are not only safe but in good enough condition that anyone would like to live there. Positive things are taking place that can be duplicated all across America.  


Neighborhoods Don't Have To Be Segregated

Many are not and at this point really shouldn’t be and more diverse communities only leads to more unity.  Love Unity Equality hopes to bring people of all ethnic backgrounds to come together in unity to stop discrimination, hatred or any other related matters against not just African Americans but anyone no matter how big or how small.  Committees of all ethnic backgrounds working together to stop discrimination and hate in every city in America.

Problems Needing Solving From Oppression & Neglect

Although these problems were started by slave masters.  They have been passed down from generation to generation.  It is extremely difficult to know how to do something if you have never been taught something.  Just like hate is taught so is love but if all you have been taught is hate learning love becomes all the more difficult. So I think we can all agree that slavery was a wicked and hateful thing. Families separated from each other, physical abuse, sexual abuse, essentially being treated like animals.  To just be able to hold yourself together would be a major accomplishment.  Just think of all the hurt and the hate you would feel and what comes in must come out.  When people are victims of something it causes hurt and again hurt people hurt people and they always say you hurt the ones you love or are closest too.  Some people just can’t break the curse and hence the problems I will be discussing continues to go on.  

Absent African American fathers- when a father is not in the picture the chances are far greater a child will suffer as will society.  It takes two to make a baby takes at least two to raise one.  We have to find a way to keep fathers actively involved in their child’s life and teach them how to be good fathers.  

African American mothers who continue to have children by absent fathers. Continued education on African American on African American hate, crime, gang violence etc.   A friend of mine was talking to me and we brought up the fact that both of our sons have told us how many people they knew when they were kids up through high school are dead or in prison.  Ask anybody from an African American community the numbers are astronomical.  Oppression and neglect along with poor living conditions contribute to this widely. The police know what goes on in the street, understandable why they are on high alert. 

One other thing to note if something like what has or is still going on in Chicago and other cities ever happened in neighborhoods of European descent or so called white neighborhoods the National Guard, Army whoever it took would be called in to stop it.  Another huge problem is there are far too many African Americans locked up in prison. If we work on improving the other areas listed this problem will not be as big or sadly maybe it will because the prison system is big business.  Watch the documentary the 13th explains this problem thoroughly.  I think we would all agree that dangerous violent criminals should be locked up in jail but for non violent criminals their needs to be another alternative.  Also the probation system should be changed asking already poor people to pay additional fees for probation.  I’m sure there could be a way to get people in prison in jail and on probation to rebuild our impoverished areas and when they got out they would have developed a trade.  Bottom line is we need to work on lowering this unproportional number and figure out better alternatives.  All of these issues along with others need groups of people coming together in love and unity to improve conditions.

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